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Can I use Weathermeister from multiple computers?
Yes, absolutely. You can log in with the same email address and password from any of your computers – from any computer on the internet for that matter. The catch is – if you're on the road and using a computer at an FBO, for example, definitely be sure to log out when you're done. Otherwise, if you stay logged in on some FBO computer, the next guy to come along would be able to mess with your profile. On your personal computers, however, it's often most convenient just to remain logged in. Weathermeister should "recognize" you and log you in automatically.

Can I share my Weathermeister account with other people?
No. Weathermeister will not allow Basic or Premium subscribers to use the system from two different locations simultaneously. The exception is for Corporate subscribers, who may be logged in from any number of locations simultaneously.

When will I be charged for my subscription?
The first payment is made right off the bat, during the subscription enrollment process. Thereafter, if you use Paypal (which is preferable), once your subscription period elapses (be it monthly or yearly), Paypal will automatically send the next payment to Weathermeister, and your subscription will be extended. Assuming you enroll in a monthly subscription plan on March 24, your next payment will occur on April 24, May 24, and so on.

I don't want Paypal to make automatic renewal payments. Can I stop this?
Yes, absolutely. You can cancel your Weathermeister subscription at any time, which stops automatic renewal payments from being made. Your Weathermeister account will remain active through the end of your current subscription period. The disadvantage of doing this is that once your subscription period elapses, you will have to create and pay for a new subscription. You will not have to re-enter your personal or profile information (i.e. routes, areas, and aircraft profiles), but you will have to authorize a new payment via Paypal.

I don't want to use Paypal. Can I pay by check?
Yes, as long as you don't mind waiting for your subscription to be activated. By using Paypal, your Weathermeister subscription is activated automatically as soon as payment is confirmed...which is ideal in terms of timing. If you're not in a hurry, however, feel free to pay by check. The catch is that you need to select a yearly plan (instead of monthly) – it would be impractical from our standpoint to deal with receiving monthly checks and having to manually renew subscriptions. For more information on how to pay by check, click here.

I subscribed to the Basic plan. Can I upgrade to Premium?
Yes, absolutely, but there is currently no way to do this automatically. If you're interested in upgrading, please contact Weathermeister support and let us know what you'd like to do.

Whenever I go to Weathermeister, it takes me to the "free" site. What am I doing wrong?
You have most likely bookmarked the free site directly. Make sure your bookmark points to (and not

An airport identifier that I know is valid isn't recognized. How do I get it into the system?
If you know of an airport identifier that should be in the system but isn't, or if an identifier has perhaps changed, please bring it to our attention. You can contact Weathermeister Support, and we can correct the issue very quickly.

I'm not receiving any email from Weathermeister. How do I fix this?
Upon subscribing, Weathermeister sends an automated "welcome" email message. Perhaps you didn't receive that message, or you're not receiving "forgotten password" emails, TFR notifications, or responses to "Weather by Email" requests. If that's the case, check your "Junk Mail" folder (if you have one). Your anti-spam filters may be catching and discarding these emails. Be sure to add and to your address book or "whitelist."

I'm using Weather by Email on my cell phone, but I can't control the outgoing subject. What should I do?
Some handsets and mobile carriers do not let you enter the subject of outgoing email. If you are trying to use Weather by Email and can't control the email subject, simply start your message with "s:" (without the quotes). What follows the s: will be interpreted as the subject.

Is getting a briefing on Weathermeister considered legal as far as the FAA is concerned?
The answer to this question is a bit more can read it here.

Got more questions?
If you have any additional questions or need help, feel free to contact Weathermeister support.

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